In 2015, Young Ho Chang became the second President of ATCS, completing the planned transition from the original founder of the firm.  Ho has been with ATCS for over 12 years, managing the day-to-day operations of the company. He also established the Transportation practice at ATCS.

Ho has over 28 years of experience managing large and complex infrastructure programs, public private partnership projects and transportation projects. His experience includes transportation design, planning, construction management, traffic engineering, transportation planning and operations and maintenance. Ho started his career with the Virginia Department of Transportation serving in various capacities and was the Director of the Fairfax County Department of Transportation before joining ATCS.

Ho is serving and has served on many advisory boards and commissions, including the Virginia Tech Civil Engineering Alumni Board, ASCE Dulles Corridor Tunnel Review Panel, Governor Kaine’s Transportation Accountability Commission, PTI Transportation Steering Committee, Eno Transportation Advisory Board, Virginia Tech Committee of 100 Advisory Board, and the Virginia Senate Finance Transportation Advisory Group.

He is passionate about playing “old man” lacrosse and is active in his church and in coaching youth sports.  He is a graduate of Virginia Tech and University of Virginia.