Erik Basore

Chief Technology Officer

Brennan Collier

Vice President, South Regional Manager

John A. DePasquale, P.E.

Vice President, Transportation Services

Gerald Dougherty, P.E.

Vice President,  Transportation – Maryland

Michael Fendrick, P.E., PTOE

Vice President,  Office Manager – Raleigh, North Carolina

Tom Fleming, P.E.

Vice President, Transportation Design

Debby Garrett

Accounting Manager

Melanie Graf, PE

Vice President, Land Development

Andrew Gregson, P.E., CCM

Vice President, Water/Wastewater Construction Services

Warren Hughes, P.E.

Vice President, Traffic Engineering & Transportation Planning

Kwong T. Hui

Emergency Management Programs

Tami Lenox, L.S.

Corporate Surveying Services Manager

Tim McCormick, P.E., CFM

Vice President, Emergency Management Services & Water Resources

John Morse, CCM

Vice President, Program and Project Management Services

Kevin Porter, P.E.

Emergency Management Programs

Roddy Reyes, P.E.

Office Manager, Land Development – Culpeper, Virginia

Albert V. Romano, CFM

Vice President, Corporate Administration

Michael J. Rosenfeld, P.E.

Vice President, North Regional Manager

Oliver Schueftan, Esq., C.P.A.

Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel

Kevin Siegel, P.E.

Vice President, Office Manager –  Hampton Roads, Virginia

Ann Weihsmann

Human Resources Director

James W. Whitehead, L.S.

Vice President, Office Manager – Waldorf, Maryland